Kingdom Come Deliverance – Next Generation of Role Playing Games


From the Czeck independent game development team comes a role-playing game so advanced that it will will blow your mind away! If you’ve been a fan of action, role-playing, open world games like The Elder Scrolls and similar titles that this franchise has influenced and inspired, you will probably be left speechless by this game.


Kingdom Come Deliverance has been in alpha state for quite some time now. This means that the game is accessible to some people like YouTube streamers and reviewers. The developers are taking players thoughts into account and they appreciate their input. This way they get to develop the game together and deliver a final product that the users actually asked for. Of course, the game in its current state is far from complete. It’s not as polished and it should in no way be viewed as a reflection of a final product.


While some things are yet to be announced, we can say with utmost certainty that this game is going to have an in-depth role-playing game mechanics. There are going to be more things that will influence your characters outcome than just his level and the perks you pick.

Kingdom come deliverance learns from the good old games and puts an emphasis on much more than the number above your head.


Ridiculously realistic game

Kingdom Come Deliverance has so many ridiculously realistic aspects that every medieval fantasy player is going to love about it even though there is not even the slightest hint of magic in this game.

Sometimes it’s ridiculous how realistic this game is trying to be and what’s even more ridiculous is how well they’re managing to do what they want.

Here are some things that we want to point out just to show you how different this game is going to be from everything else you’ve played so far:


  1. Wearing a helmet will obscure your vision. If a helmet is a closed one with a visar, you will not to be able to see clearly as you would without it.
  2. Nights are tar black and you will actually need a torch.
  3. Dressing in black or other dark colors will improve your ability to stay undetected.
  4. Speaking of clothes, if you want to soften the blow from a blunt weapon, you will need to wear a layer of soft clothing underneath your armor.
  5. Clothing will also impact how good you are at getting information from people. Dressing pretty and rich like a nobleman will increase your handling ability while appearing with a set of arms in full set of plate armor will significantly raise your intimidation ability.
  6. There’s also the alchemy in this game although it’s going to be more like cooking. You will have to measure how long you’re brewing your potions. You get an hourglass to precisely measure the time and you have to keep the fire going by yourself. Failing to create a potion or poison gets you no notification whatsoever. Your ingredients are used up and the concoction is added to your inventory. There’s only way for you to find out if it actually works…


There are of course many more things to say about this game but the point of this short article is to give you RPG fans a heads up on this upcoming gem that you most definitely don’t want to miss on.

Oh and did I mention that this game already won a game of the year award despite the fact that it’s not even out yet? Crazy, huh?


For more info on kingdom come deliverance, check out this video. Actually, this ESO dude has a pretty neat channel if you’re into open world RPG games and relevant content so, check him out support him for the work he does.


The Best Competitive Game to Play With Friends

We all enjoy competition in different forms, especially when it’s friendly from time to time. There are a lot of competitive multiplayer games to choose from if you’re looking for some competitive gaming. But what about when it comes to gaming with friends, especially locally? As somebody who prefers competitive multiplayer games I often find it hard to introduce my friends who are not to into gaming as much as I am (and who happen to be much more conservative and deliberately choosing to stick to the “good old”) to some of the new games that I’ve discovered. Fortunately for both me and them, there is one game that we can always go back to and enjoy it in all of it’s glory no matter how many times played before.

NBA 2K franchise is an excellent pastime for we want to have some competitive gaming with your friends locally (or online for that matter). Why’s that? It’s simple really.

The game revolves around basketball and pretty much everybody no matter how much you’re not into sports, you’re bound to know the basic rules of basketball. If somehow you managed to stay ignorant about the rules of this world renown sport it is not a big deal really since the entire game and all of its rules can be memorized and learned in 10 or so minutes. Pretty neat.

However, don’t be fooled by the games apparent simplicity. As easy to get into as this game is it is equally hard to master and there is absolutely always room for some further improvements. There are literally thousands of guides online covering each and every aspect of the game separately. From more mundane guides covering topics like VC farming to those explaining how to master the art of dribbling and movement, there is literally something new to learn on every new step if you’re looking to hone your mastery of this game. Possibly the very best part about all of this is that it’s completely optional. Getting familiar with the controls and mastering the game surely has it’s benefits but it does not mean playing with somebody just started can’t be enjoyable for both of you after just a short while.

It is very easy to get into and but it may be a bit harder to let got because this game is pure fun and playing with or against friends in this case only benefits it’s fun factor, amplifying it a lot. Definitely something you should keep in mind next time you’re looking for some quality pass time for you and your friends while getting a chance to compete at the same time.

Of course, tastes do differ and you might not even like the game as much as I do but, as someone who plays a lot of games and specifically enjoys competitive titles I believe this is one of those games that can offer something to everyone, no matter what kind of video games you like to play. So give it a go, no?

Yet another Elder Scrolls Online Update! Player Housing to Be Introduced!

Elder scrolls online came a long way since it initially got released. Back in the days when it happened most of the people were hating on the game or were disappointed about it not being a Skyrim online and things were not looking that good for the ZeniMax online. Fortunately for them, a fair amount of players decided to actually give the game a go before bashing it and deciding what it is and what it’s not. As you probably know by now, I’m one of those players and I would be lying if I said that I’m not glad that I stayed aboard the Elder Scrolls Online train.

To me, personally as somebody who played a lot of massive multiplayer online role-playing games, this is one of the best games in that genre. There are many reasons as to why I preferred this game above others of the same genre. First of all, this game deliberately chooses not to be a World of Warcraft clone. As somebody who played World of Warcraft for a very long time and decided to move on to something new, this is extremely pleasing. The game might not yet have only technical aptitude and death that an massive multiplayer online role-playing game such as this one requires but I’m sure in time, everything will come to its place and all the pieces will fit perfectly. If you want to be fair, not even World of Warcraft was that good upon his release. Let’s not stray from the path however…

The most recent news about the Elder Scrolls Online is that a new update is headed towards the public servers. Update will allow players to purchase pieces of land and build their houses upon those which they will be able to rig out in whatever manner they see fit. As a player of the Elder Scrolls franchise, this is something that is very important to me because for as long as I can remember, housing has been a part of The Elder Scrolls universe. On the other hand is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game player, I’m completely blown away by this update.

Now I’m not saying that no MMO ever had a player housing system. There were games in the past that this and some of them even did it good yet I was never this excited about an update of such a trivial importance. Why is this? Well, probably it is because I’m an active player of this game and I like it very much though it might be something more.

Those of you played or watch the game know how different this game is when compared to some traditional massive multiplayer online role-playing games. There were many updates that made this game feel like it truly is an Elder Scrolls game is much as that is possible given the fact that the game is not a single player experience but in fact an MMO one. The introduction of justice system where the player is given an option to aimlessly walk around pickpocketing citizens (or guards if you feel really lucky) for their price positions, break into shops and houses trying to steal as much valuables as they can and ultimately defy the law by attempting to run away from the pursuing guards should you disagree to pay the bounty place in your head should you ever get caught in the act.

That after that we Thieves Guild in The Dark Brotherhood which took the crime to a whole different level allowing us to perform crazy stealth missions (yes, this MMO actually has some really good stealth missions) where we were to steal specific items or assassinate specific target if being just a simple thief isn’t good enough for you. Of course, updates like these brought many other things to the game as well but these are the ones that truly make the world of Tamriel feel alive and true to the image we were presented with in the single player titles of The Elder Scrolls franchise while additional stuff helps keep the MMO aspects of the game fresh and expanding.

The housing system truly is an essential addition to this game and I believe that many other players feel the same way about it. Combined with the previous updates and features ESO seems to have a bright future ahead of itself. We are yet to see how everything will turn out but this time, instead of doubting the people behind this game I feel much more content since I have already seen what they are capable of doing and what kind of unthinkable features they successfully added to a game that I never thought could have them.

Oh and speaking of Tamriel, let us not forget the One Tamriel update. This is the only example of an massive multiplayer role-playing game featuring separate alliances and races that gives you the option to set aside your political allegiances and, if only for the moment forget about the ongoing political conflict and just enjoy traveling actoss the world and completing quests alongside every other player no matter what race or alliance they choose to play with.

Making the creatures of the area, quests and their rewards, crafting containers and world loot scale to players level was ingenious move on ZeniMax’s side making the world feel like the one we know from The Elder Scrolls games. The players are free to roam around the world and explore it in any way and in any order they see fit just like we would expect to in an Elder Scrolls game and now with the upcoming update we will always have a place to come back to.

Will This Be the Hardest Enemy In a Video Game?

Browsing through the Steam greenlight I have recently stumbled upon something quite different. At this point where all used to seeing tons and tons of crap titles that only greenlight can be held responsible for allowing them to be sold on Steam but this time, I think the green light may have done something good.

Honestly speaking, all of this happened by pure chance. I was browsing through the green light as I mentioned before when I noticed a thumbnail that drew my attention. Upon who bring it I’ve also realized that one of my friends has this game favorited and this further encouraged me to check this game out and intrigued my curiosity for I know this friends taste in videogames is very similar to my own.

On a first glance the game looked really neat. The graphics were really nice and modern and the animation looks rather satisfying, especially for an independent production. The game atmosphere and overall art style was indeed very appealing to my taste but nothing could prepare me for what I saw in the trailer. It made me forget about all the trivial things such as quality graphics and pretty animations with its very original feature that I’ve honestly never in a videogame before.

The game is called ECHO and its gameplay revolves around stealth and action.

You play as a young woman that was in a stasis sleep for over a century and has just recently awoken upon reaching her set destination. This destination is some kind of an ancient technology of some ancient civilization that existed eons before our own. It is a place of legend and it undoubtedly holds many fascinating secrets for us and our heroine to discover while she’s looking for a way to bring back a life that shouldn’t have been lost. However, as always nothing is ever that simple.

For some reason, I have a strong feeling that this game in particular isn’t going to be simple. That is in no small part thanks to a unique approach to enemies. The question that I asked at the very beginning about hardest enemy in a videogame is because in this game, the enemy is you.

Well, to be more precise is your actions that define your play style also happen to be the very tool that shapes your enemies behavior. Apparently this game takes everything into consideration. If you prefer stealthy approach expect your enemy to adapt to the same play style and should you decide to go guns blazing, did not expect your enemy to just sit down behind the cover while doing nothing.

It is rather unclear what the developers have in store for us but the trailer they released looks rather promising. Here’s a taste of the game:

Unfortunately the gameplay trailer doesn’t provide much insight into the game other than what I’ve already stated here but hopefully we won’t have to wait for too long until we get some more information about this game. For the first time in quite a while I’m actually very excited about playing a single player game.


Best free Voice Communication Software for PC Gamers

Competitive gaming requires a lot of communication. Synchronization and feedback from your team mates are essential for a successful coordination and co-operation. This is fairly important co-op games as well since writing all the time can get tedious and tiring after some time.

Many video games come  equipped with their own communication systems in forms of IM (text messages chat) and voice chat though frankly these options are either not function properly or are sending and receiving illegible-quality sound while it is not excluded that they may simply not function for everyone due to reasons unknown.

In order for everybody to be in the same page and for team play and cooperation be possible you might want to consider using an alternative method to stay in touch with your co-op partners. There are many ways to use voice chat due to a large number of software designed specifically for fulfilling this task however, some are definitely better than the others especially when it comes to gaming and friendly resource management that will not bottleneck your computer performance when you need it most.

Here are some of our picks of the best voice chat gaming clients and software.



One of the oldest and one of the most renowned free voice chat clients is of course TeamSpeak.

This is one of the most common pics by PC gamers worldwide and it’s for a good reason. TeamSpeak’s interface allows for incredibly easy to use and intuitive approach to all of its features. It’s a voice quality is perhaps the very best out of all of the free voice chat clients out there.

This is a program that is available on the vied variety of systems and you may use it on Windows, Macintosh as well as Linux and if you really need to you may also get it for Android as well as the iOS.

There are barely in the limitations to this amazing client unless you’re looking for an actual “team” speak where your team consists of more than 32 persons at any given time. In that case alone you will have to register in order to unlock 512 slots for your room.


TeamSpeak is definitely the best application you can download for your computer or smartphone but for some reason you prefer to use another or its functionality is simply impaired on your device you might need to consider using some alternative software.

The closest to TeamSpeak’s perfection is definitely Mumble.

Mumble is lightweight as well as completely free in every sense of the word. It will never require any payment to either host a chat room or on log extra features. Everything is completely accessible from the very beginning you downloaded the software.

The only scenario in which Mumble might not be the best solution for you is if you’re very much technologically uninformed. Mumble works on a server-client basis and unless you or one of your friends are able to properly set up and configure a working server you might have to rent one of Mumbles servers which may typically cost you up to $0.30 per month per user slot.

4-Core Sigma. New System for Playing Old Games

Retro gaming is becoming ever more popular recently. Increased popularity of retro games and retro systems has been on the rise for quite a while. Those of you who enjoy playing retro games are in for a big surprise! Introducing 4-Core Sigma!

Sigma is a brand new system designed specifically for enjoying retro games. Whether it’s Nintendo’s Game Boy systems, Neo-Geo classics, Playstation or old computer systems like Commodore and Sinclair, Sigma has it all! This is not just a rumor either but an officially confirmed information straight from the makers of this new device.

Retro gaming has always been a thing. The passing of time only seems to be popularizing some of these classic games further and further. Time after time these games have proven themselves to be immortal and very much desirable and well sought out even today, decades after their initial release!

It is not like these games are hard to come by or impossible to enjoy on a modern computer system, no, far from it but the process of emulating and running these games is often a tiresome and tedious chore. Some games can be specifically hard to run, others can feel sluggish and are known to be glitchy unless emulated under certain conditions and so on.

By creating a system that unifies most of the old beloved gaming platforms, the makers of 4-Core Sigma are aiming to completely eliminate the frustration and make the process as easy as plug and play! The Sigma is just slightly bigger than your average console/PC game controller and might as well fit inside your pocket. Since it’s that compact and potable, it’s rather easy to find some space for it next to your TV or a PC monitor. The two can then be connected via HDMI cable and are pretty much game ready.

Another cool feature of the Sigma system is that it’s compatible with any USB and USB mini controller. It does not require a specific one to play and you may use everything from your generic PC controller to a branded device compatible with the UBS adapter. This is very handy if you’re a PC gamer who has a bunch of different controllers lying around. Furthermore, Sigma comes equipped with a Wi-Fi. This means that you will probably be able to use a wireless controller or a similar device in pair with Sigma tho, not such device is yet manufactured but the makers of Sigma are well aware of the possiblity.

Sigma comes pre-loaded with 15 games ready to be played immediately but in just a couple of easy to follow steps the user can upload as many games as they desire to s memory stick and play them. To do this the user is required to have a smartphone which can in addition be used as a remote keyboard or even an additional game controller.

All in all, the possibilities of this amazing piece of hardware are many and are undoubtedly going to be expanded and improved as time goes by. The only thing that’s not going to change is it’s library which is considerably rich and should not really present a problem for anyone. This device is definitely going to keep every retro game fan occupied for a long periods of time.